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Maya being Maya

Heloo... (i even dont know who i greet, haha)

My last post was in 2016, and the post talked about 2015.
Then, here I am in the middle of 2017 and having a hard time to write again, but let me try :")

I graduated from State University of Jakarta, majoring in Accounting, and proudly say with God's Grace i achieved this with Cumlaude. Soli Deo Gloria!
I thought the journey to graduate was easy, but then one week before i submit my under graduate thesis, i got into hospital for days because of mosquito, yes, dengue fever.
The recovery process was slow because I have no spirit, passion, or desire that time because I already portray in my mind, I will graduate on May, several days after my birthday.
I learned again how to lean on God in the hardest time, soo with the big help from my PangBers (Panggabean Bersaudara - my family) esp my big sis who help me with stata things, and all bestfriends, finally I graduated on 28 June 2016. (the same day as I write this today, ehm, my big sis remind me today :p)

I always love gifts! 

Call me the drama one, but I really hope many people come to my final defense , and my dreams come true!!!

21 Family : daniel, acit, sinta, vera, belinda, putri
Non Reg B Akuntansi 2012
!too much loved I felt that day!

Yudisium FE 2016

The day of Graduation
Yeay, anak bontot akhirnya ada juga foto wisuda di lemari :")

So enough with graduated euphoria.
One week after I pass my final defense, i was like the happiest human being in world, then after 2 weeks, I start to realize... "so what will I do now?"
Job seeker start.
For everyone who had through the job-seeker-time surely can related with all this story.
And every experience that made me stressed and too drama before, become funny now.

My first experience was I do the psychotest then result came 30 minutes after I finish the test. And yeah, I didnt pass that. Fyi, psychotest was the first step.
When i see there were no my name on the list who pass first step, i start to moonwalk a.k.a jalan mundur and going outside the building and met my daddy who eating while waiting for me. Even my dady have not finished his food! hahahaha.
Then i joined Bank Indonesia test too and didn't pass in 3rd step. I know I didn't put my hope too much in this, I'm just seeking for experience.
Oh, another experience, one of the biggest fasion retail in Indonesia already approved me and I just need to sign the contract, anddddd *drum roll* they called me then said the supervisor met another candidates.
Not only that, they still called me to do another test on different supervisor then I realized now, supaya ga keliatan tega2 amat kali ya, sok2 disuruh test lagi :p I appreciate it.
Tapi begini deh bu, pak, saya kurang terimanya. Kalau udah saya yang diterima, ya udah kan, berarti ga usah cari kandidat lain. Lah ini kalian masih lanjut interview orang lain  padahal sudah minta saya kirim semua berkas saya dan tentukan tanggal teken kontrak.
Frankly speaking, after that experience i didn't want to see anything related with the company, you can asked my friends, i almost kick every banner related with that company when i went to Mall.
Sekarang sih udah biasa saja, namanya juga job-seeker penuh pengharapan dulu kan, lumayan udah ada pengalaman di PHP-in. Sekalian belajar, kalau belum teken kontrak jangan cerita2 dulu, malu juga hahahaha.

Soo, while im waiting and struggle to get the job, I become an Wedding Organizer for my sister.
I was doing everything they need and get paid! Hahahaha. Buat jajan kata mereka soale ga dapet2 kerja.
Too much memory for preparing the Batak mix Jawa wedding, and I will tell the story on another post. The special post to tell all the funny things, preparation, and all the drama. Maybe that will help several people in the future ;). For now, let me share the photo of one of the biggest day in my sister's life :

Adat Jawa

Adat Batak. Okeh yang di kepala Maya miring begitu emang, kebanyakan joget kali Maya.
Welcome to the family, Bang Robert!!

PangBers United

Then what work do I do now?
 Junior Auditor.
My parent said to watch our word , dan emang bener ya, dulu kalau temen ngomongin audit bosen banget dengerinnya, kayak pengen bilang, "helooo, apa sih serunya?"
Eh, sekarang malah masuk dunianya beneran.
The struggle to get this job is full of drama too. I passed written test and FGD, then got interview by my manager and long story short, they invited me to sign the contract on 1 November. On that day I arrived at the office then met HRD, but sadly I go home without signing the contract because they want me to start work asap whereas I still preparing my sister wedding. They give me a good understanding, if I join them asap, I still need to take a break on the day of my sister wedding, and it will, ya kali baru masuk masa udah izin2, singkat ceritanya. And I accept it.

So, I didn't put my hope even a little for this job.
Tapi namanya blessing, berkat ga kemana.
After my sis wedding, batak wedding, in the evening, (let me add, after all the hectic thing), they messaged me and ask the available time for me to join and sign the contract :D
God is good all the time, again!
I never thought being an junior auditor will giving me many life experiences even I only worked for 6 months.
Team-work, learning everything that surely so different from college-life, professional work, overtime, experience a duty-trip, deadline etc are so related with auditing.

Me, the forever-love-home, assigned to my first duty trip and that was so far away for me : Banda Aceh!!
First I thought, how can I get through this? I loved travelling, but that was the first time without fam.
Then I challenge myself, and theeen... Let me share on another post for Banda Aceh trip :)
For now, I'm excited to see where will I go next :p

Thats the highlight of my 2016-middle 2017.
Let me close with C.S. Lewis quote (on eof my fav writer all the time) :

Relying on God has to begin all over again every day as if nothing had yet been done.

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