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My Scoliosis is Beautiful

Huahahaha after more than one year finally I try to write something in my blog again.. and I still using English to improve my ability, so sorry for the mistakes.

The last time I post my story is about Arsenal, and now I want to share about my scoliosis. Yes, scoliosis. You don’t know about that? Please, use google :p
If you have a straight backbone, I’m different, I have a “S” backbone. Let me show you my x-ray.

Do not be too surprised, let me tell  my story.

I already knew that I have scoliosis in junior high school time. It started when my mom asked me “Maya,why you not walk straight? Its not good” Then I answered, “this is straight mom”. Then my mom realized, my backbone is what is it called, hmm, my backbone on the right side is sticking out.
So, for every scoliosis fighter out there, I really know how it feels when someone told us to “walk straight!” or “please balance your shoulder”. Like, please? We have scoliosis, is hard to balance our body. We think we already walk straight, but people who see us still see we walk in an ‘unbalanced way’.

Then me and my family go to orthopedist and the doctor told us that I have a scoliosis in 36 degree and give advice that I must take a surgery. I’m just 14 years old that time and hearing that is like, “what should I do now”. In that day I’m just crying. Remember that day still made me cry now, a little.. hehehe
My family decided not to take surgery and find another solution, so my aunty gave advice to take some exercise in a hospital. After that my posture got better and I stop because I’m already busy about entering senior high school.

In senior high school time, I always use uniform that bigger than usual so my backbone not sticking out. Some of my friends asked my unbalanced walk or my backbone that sticking out but I try to hide that and just say “This is genetic.. hehehe” and try to change the topics.

Then in college year, in my second year, in the time that my grade was so good, I join working team and serving in Christian organization in UNJ, and I’m in my very happy time, I feel that my body not good as before. My backbone is often feel the pain, the pain that can not be described. Then I often hard to breathe. My leg is hurt too and I can not walk for a long time. That time my parent stayed outside Jakarta for some business and my sis and my bro was busy. So, one day I cry to my sis and bro because I can’t stand the pain anymore. My sis decided take me to some chiropractic and in short explanation I took the therapy because my scoliosis already at 58 degree. I took 3 session that make me must come everyday for 6 months to Senayan. Monday to Saturday. Can you imagine?

I thank God I have the best family ever, the therapy is so expensive but they didn’t complain much that time.. They encourage me everday and always look forward to my progress. But I have a older sister, that always remember me to take the therapy seriously.
I start therapy in my 4th semester in UNJ, I always go to Senayan by transjakarta every day on 3 p.m.
I skipped so many classes that time, I can not hang out with my friend, can not join the serving time with my partner in chirstian organization (even just for Friday service, I can not come because I can not handle the pain if I must sit in the floor). My time is full with therapy and exercise in home. Thank God my therapy session always fun, I met many younger friends and being called “kak maya” and we laughed everday!  But one thing that made me happy that I always go home with my sis after therapy, and I often wait at her office and get many food nyahaha. But the amazing thing is I finally see God’s beautiful plan to put me in UNJ.

If God didn’t put me in UNJ, maybe it will be more hard to take therapy outside Jakarta, and maybe I must take some break to therapy. But lets see, I have the great lecturer, that already know if I came up to them in a middle of their lecturing, they will said “Therapy again? Okey take care and get well soon.” Or “be patient you will get better soon, Maya”. Even I still got a good grade in that time, thank God for make my lecturer understand the situation. UNJ may not big as the other campus, but I have great lecturers that know and understand their student well. My classmate is supporting too, in that time many tasks that must completed by group and everytime I got group task, they divided fairly and understand my situation. Especially Dita, Indri, Ziah, Bani, thank you for everything in that time sis.

When I start my therapy, I told my coordinator in Christian organization not to tell everyone about my scoliosis. But because I already “missing” for a while and I upload some of my therapy picture in media social, finally all of my friends know. All the prayer and all the encouragement that time really mean a lot. Thank you putri, bang anes, bang anwar, kak jojor, mg, lele, cella, febri, venny, and all rombongan FE dan ptk. That time show me who the true friend is.  Especially my partner, they never complain about me that never help and join the meeting. Thank God, I may not experience this great friendship if I didn’t enter UNJ.

Beside that because of my scoliosis, I learn not to be ashamed because of my lack. In the past time if someone asked me about my scoliosis, I get teary up. But now in a proud way I show them my backbone “this is scoliosis, I’m not straight like you. I must sit in the chair and have a backrest.” “I know I’m not walk straight, but this is every scoliosis fighter been through”. Or sometimes I encourage other friends to be strong, I often made some joke like, “I know that’s hard, but at least you have a straight backbone to face the prolem. So cheer up!”
 In the past time I ashamed to use some of clothes that show my sticking out backbone, but now? So what? everyone already know and if they don’t know just tell them, its easy. Even, I can tell my scoliosis to the person that I meet for the first time. They must see the beauty of God in every situation.
 If I get some pity look, I choose to say “hahahaha please. I’m okay”, even my Anak Kelompok Kecil, what is called, hmm my junior that I teach about God, told me “Kak, how can you always happy and grateful in this situation?” and I just can said, “Why must I sad about? I’m okay and God is good!”

Now I only took therapy once in a month. I still struggling to the best recovery and the pain that randomly come. But I just need to take some time to look and back see God’s beautiful work in me and face the problem again.
God did His best plan for me. What an awesome God. He support me in every word that I read in Bible, He encourage me with all people around me, He made me strong in every prayer and tear that time, He made me simply trust Him when I don’t understand why must me in this situation. I never regret about this situation, and hopefully God always use me to tell His goodness.

“Suka duka dipakai-Nya untuk kebaikanku” – Kidung Jemaat 408

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  1. Maya, aku boleh share kisah mu ini ga?
    So inspiring, dek :')

  2. Maya, aku boleh share kisah mu ini ga?
    So inspiring, dek :')