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when basketball&team is part of my teenager life

random thought.
I suddenly remember my junior high school time, like the title said.
"When basketball&team is part of my teenager life"

Dear team,
Eventhough we just 31 student in one generation (re:angkatan) I always proud of them.
We always try our best to bring our school name in many competition and the most succesful is basketball.
Harapan Bunda known for basketball team, almost of us play basketball. okay i mean the boys, the girls is not famous like them haha -_-'
For me its worthed. We playing basketball like ehm.. all the time.
We practise 3 times on the morning in one week.
And the additional :
Whenever the extra lesson in the morning over, we played basketball.
Whenever the physical exercise over, we continued play basketball.
Whenever there was free time, we find the ball immediately.
The practise is not easy, sometimes full of physic-practise, sometimes you play the game non stop, sometimes all you do is just run, run, run and do the same thing.
The boys were more crazy, there was the time when they practise everyday and yeah they win every competition. and the girls still always have fun in every practise, shout to each other whenever we want, no matter how tired we are we still have fun.

Me and my team(girls) never use basketball shoes in competition, we use converse shoes or just our school shoes.
We used to have a "hah, who are you?"looking in competition.
It was more 'freak' when some 'high' school student, looking at boys team and looking at us, girls team.
In my opinion they look at us and think "How can the same school have a really different team?"
Yah, its fair.
The boys look like a real basketball player.
All of them use basketball shoes, sometimes they use the head band, hand band and many things that related with basketball. And every thing they use has brand.
Sooo, look at the girls, we use shirt under our jersey, we have colorfull shoes, doesnt look like basketball player. *sigh*

Back at that time I usually think why my boy friends sometimes feel ashamed with us, and now i more realize, we are so "ga banget" compare to them
But the boys, whenever we had the same day match, they always wathcing our match and shout for us.
I remember sometimes they look like crazy people when we play, because we can't understand the strategy.
I remember one time when we match with a 'high' jhs, we really beaten by them, the different score is so far away. Like in my house to school -_-' 
But some of the boys waiting for us and still keep the support.
Me and my team were like a -die hard fans- to boys team.
Whenever, wherever they had a match we follow them, supporting like crazy girl who shouted non stop and doesnt care about the look.
I remember that time the girls almost fighting with other school because they insult our look when supporting the boys. They said "alay"
hahahaha that was freaking funny moment.

We already through the hard time when the boys didnt care about us. 
Its a 'high-competiton' and my school was invited.
That take place in North-Jakarta.
As always we follow them and give the support and as always again, like crazy die-hard-fans, shouted non stop.
Then after the match over, the boys ride one car and go to have some meal.
And the girls, watching their car passing and some of them say'bye bye' to us suddenly speechless.
That was a long way to the main road and we have to walk like 2 km to get transportation.
We can't blame the boys, we just feel "how poor we are" while walking 2 km.
hahahaha I bet the girls will always remember this.
After that girls and boys like keeping the distance.
Some cold atmosphere felt, and the boys didnt understand. yeah boys -_-'
but as the time goes by we forget about that.
Maybe until now we just cant describe our feeling, yeah girls will always be girls lol
There was another moment too, when girl team lose at our last Porseni, we got second place.
We thought that was some fault of other team and the commiitte didnt care about that.
the girls was extremely mad and we just cried. After that boys said, "udah ah, ini pertandingan abis ini gue menangin telak buat kalian"
The rival team look at the team and said "yah, they already on fire, we will lose."
And they really win that game hahaha

But the most important thing, I know even though they look like they didn't care or ashamed or whatever bad thing the girls said, they always care and protect us. With some "weird" way.
they gave the girls the lesson before we enter senior high school.
they said "you may think this is weird but you will know later"
yeah you right all -_-
I feel whenever we(girls) waited for the match and sit everywhere we want, you still watching us and take care of us when someting wrong happen.

Some of us continue playing basketball in shs. 
Even several boys recruited by the great school because their skill.
even though In 21 shs, Harapan Bunda is like a "huh.. what is that?" school, but I still proud of my team.
I have heard in somewhere, "wah itu kan anak harbund, yang angkatan all star itu yang pernah ga kalah2" no no, not talking about me, but talked and pointed to my jhs friend that in the same place as me.

I miss that time, when we ride school car together, waiting the match together, practise hard together, celebrate and crying together, got shouted by couch together, supoorting each other, teamwork for our school name together, I miss that moment very bad.
I miss when basketball is one thing that we spent together, whatever we do we ended play basketball.
I miss the time that me and my girl team really close and have a great team work together.
Doesnt care what people said about us, we just need to prove that we can win the game.
Thank you guys, my position as a captain just feel like a title when we support each other.
I do really love all of you team.
I really miss that, so sad I can not find that in my shs life, its good, but it just different.
I pray for all of you the best future guys, some of you maybe have a dream as basketball player, but please guys dont forget to study ;)

*Sorry for the wrong grammar and long post, i just feel want to write in English. And sorry if this too mellow :p*

the place we spent our basketball time together

Have a team is one of the best pleasure in my life


Hujan badai, panas terik tetap dipinggir neriakin!!

doesnt care who the rival next, whenever break lets have crazy  time!
Lots of love,

Your forever team mate  :)

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