Sabtu, 25 Februari 2012

Our Second Mom, Our Angel o:)

In school, every class must have class consular.
And in my last year, my class consular is Mrs. Nur, she teaches mathematics.
She's very soft-hearted, patient, kind, never got angry, always smile, never got tired to teach,
cared about us and good motivator.
One word describe : Angel.

In the last year of senior high school, there'll always be time when we got tired do try out, pessimist,
a little bit stress and lot pressure.
But thank God, 12 Social 1 have her as our second mom in school.
She always motivate us, "Ayo ayo kalian itu semua bisa, ibu yakin kok, masa kalian engga?"
"Ayo dong semangat, nanti biar kita bisa makan2 bareng setelah lulus"
When we want to start study mathematics, she always check all the kids in class.
"Anyone absent? Why?" or if someone have trouble she called the kid first and talk personally.
Everyday she checks our class, "Everyone attend?" then if everyone in our class attend,
she bought beng-beng for every one of us.
If someone didnt attend, she asked the class the reason and after that kid attend again,
she talked to the kid.

Mathematics is one of the subject to test in national exam, and Mrs. Nur teaches that very very patient.
After try out, she teached us every question that we didnt understand.
Although that question had asked for a thousand times, she just smile and say
"Oh? This question, lets check this"
And if we want her to teach us personally, she said we can come to her anytime.

In the last year, most kid need to photo copy the report for several times and some kid had problem
with the report include me.
My name in the report is "Maya Putri Panggabean" and I want to changed that to "Maya Putri"
because in my birth certificate written like that.
I thought that I'll be hard to manage it, but when I told her, as always she smiled and say
"Write the name you want to changed, I take care of that" oh my...
My name in report has changed easily because of her..
Then after many kid asked for borrow report and photocopy that,
finally she asked us to write our name then she will photocopy that.

Not only for stuff related with study but the other thing too.
For example when we break fasting together, she really care about it, give the opinion and
join venture for bought food.
When we had TURBOPLAST (Turnamen Bola Plastik) she come and sit in the bech with girls to support.
She lead the boys for praying and join to shouting the boys for giving support.
"Ayo naaak, gol-in.. Ya ampun sayang banget, aduh dikit lagi.. ayo ayo"
Oh and the boys got idea to give her our jersey too. Fyi, the boys love Mrs. Nur too ;)
Then in the quarter final, my class didnt make to semi-finals.
Mrs. Nur talked in class,
"Dont worry, you all already do the best. I'm sorry I didnt watch with you but I watced in second floor"

The boys asked for blessing from Mrs. Nur :)

12 Social 1 with our second Mom on teacher's day.
She got many flowers from kid.
See how much love she got?

So, I'm really thankfull to God. For my last year, my important year,
I have such as a second mother in school.
I really hope that Mrs. Nur always have a good life, a good health, and can teach the next generation.
We love you, Mom :)

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