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AJ Rafael

have i told you about AJ Rafael?
AJ Rafael is a GREAT singer, not only sing but he can play many kind of musical instrument, such as guitar, piano and okulele.
Lets click for more info

I know him from one of my friend from junior high school, Yan Mayer.
Thank you, Mayer! haha
First, Mayer told me about Mark Mejia and Albert Posis' video in youtube, click if you curious to know

Great video, right?
then i searching who originally sing this song (My Soldier), then i found AJ RAFAEL!!!
fyi Mark Mejia and Albert Posis is often sing together with AJ :p

From that time (maybe three years ago) I start to freak about him until now..hahaha
My soldier, we could happen, juice box, and many of song that he had sing and cover is greaaaaat. (We Could Happen Video)

Then, several weeks ago I was online twitter.
First I promise to my self "Just see for 30 minutes and then start to study"
It was 4 p.m in Indonesia, I saw AJ's tweet that he start to show in blog TV with .
I curious to know what is blog TV, and click the link. Then I realize that AJ is online and we can see what he do because he is online in blog TV, LIVE!!

I'm so freakin happy that time and immediately make an account so I can join chatt with other fans.
AJ and Lindsay start to ask the viewers if we want them to sing the song/request. (AJ played the keyboard)
Wooooooooooooo, chatt box got crazy quickly. We request our favorite song, If we luck they will sing that.
For an hour I watch them online and still request song. They didnt sing even one of the song that I request.
Until I chatt "korean song?" then AJ saw that and start to play the keyboard, and guest what?
He was singing "I WANT NOBODY NOBODY BUT YOU!" hahahaha
Freakin happy,I recorded from my handphone. hahahaha
Then i continued to request many songs, and they didnt sing my request again. hahaha
They often sing Disney Song.
But i'm already satisfied. So I just sit and watching them online mini concert for 3.5 hours. OH MY 3.5 HOURS!!! I didnt study that day in the end hahahaha

Oh and several thing happen again.
1. I chatt "make an love with your hand" then guess what!!
AJ made that!! hahahaha
Here the pictures, see my name in chatt box 'mapupang'

The heart <3 hahahaha

2. My mom start shouted at me to take a bath. Then I ask in chatt "I must go now, will you say 'Good bye, Maya?' "
and unexpected AJ said that! hahahaha. See the video, wait until AJ said that, almost at the end.

3. The video AJ sang "Nobody"

4. Then in last minutes before they go, i chatt "If you're not the one, please.."
Altough just sang part of "If you're not the one... then why does my soul.."
AJ sang that!! hahaha too bad i didnt recorded it.

5. I got they screen capture before they go.

6. The last, euphoria from my timeline :p

and fyi(again) a moment ago I know AJ had The ABCD Project is AJ Rafael, Bryce Vine, Cameron Mitchell, & Damian McGinty. It great to watch

Wohoooooooo, what a great day :D
by the way, i got an info that AJ WILL COME TO JAKARTA NEXT MONTH!!!!
so, I persuade my sister to accompany me to watch AJ.
I still waiting my sister' answer. AH i really want to watch so bad.
I promise I still study well so I can watch that.
Please sisterrr, I want this so bad :) :D T_T
Hopefully I can wath AJ LIVE! AMEEEEEEN

what a long posting.
dedicated to @ajRAFAEL
kikikiki ;)

see yaaaaaaaaaaaaa :)

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