Selasa, 29 Desember 2009

you must see this

I chatted with Yan Mayer in yahoo messenger.
First we talked about SLR and then become someting not important -.-
He told me to open the link, the first link that he gave is "my soldier"
He said that is really cool, and I agree! He told me he can play that song, I think he just want to hem in Indonesia "pamer" haha
After that I told him to open "Moy Moy Palaboy-Marimar" and he just laughed.
You must find that video too if you need to laugh :D
And then Mayer told many other songs that he thinks it is cool, but i think the first video is the best. "STRONG STRONG STRONG :D"

3 of that videos is cover by Mark Mejia and Albert Posis.
They are soo fabulous for me !
I heart theeeeeeeeeeeeeem :)
I must find their mp3, of course in internet!

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