Selasa, 24 November 2009

trying to smile :)

hello everyone! :)
yesterday, i had some troubles. it made me really really sad and feel empty(duileh)
i didn't know what to do..
i didn't want to do something, like study and do my homework, i didn't do it.
i shared my problem to kak Olivia.
so much thank you sist, i really mean it :)

she told me to sleep, and i did it.
before i go to sleep, i prayed. because i know, only Jesus, who know all about my heart, problem, and only Him can cure the pain of my heart, i know that :)

i woke up on 4.00 a.m, prayed and then prepared my book for school.
I saw in the mirror, how big the black of my eyes. I mean "bengkak"
i don't care about that. i thinked," apa ga usah sekolah ya, kog lemes banget"
and I was wrong!!
if i didn't go to school, i can not laugh with my classmates..

1. Bu Ros teached us if everyone had problems. She also told us many funny stories, and I laughed, laughed, and laughed :D i love you bu :D

2. I told to Bu Nurmaya, Romauli is my sister, and then she said"Romauli? ya kenal lah, saya wali kelas dia dulu. kerja di mana dia? wah hebat. iya yah kalian mirip, sampai keriting2nya juga mirip" I don't know why but I was tremble when talked to her. And i aware and think"kenapa gue?" and then laughed again

3. When x-5 studied History, i laughed with Putri, Daniel and Zendy. Here is the story
Bu PPL : tapi saya kan bukan angkatan 96.
Daniel : gue rasa dia angkatan 70
i laughed so long. It is so funny, right?

and then i remembered one funny story
Ryan walked to in front of the class, and we confused.
Bu PPL : lagi ngapain?
Dicky : ngelindur bu
Ryan : saya kan mau ngapus papan bu..

4. Art--- Bu meil must prepare something, so we just played in the class.
I sang with daniel, zendy, fritz and rilo.
You must hear daniel's voice. Dia tuh bisa nyesuaiin suara dua. And i very often sing emotion with him. seriously, his voice is sooooooooo cool! and he also can play keyboard! hahaha mantap lah. Ya ga, Dan? Gue puji nih hahaha

5. Break----- Kakak2 rokris dateng, ihiy mereka lucu2 bangeeeeeeet!
udah gitu juluan ama betin juga lucu banget hahahaha

6. PKN --- mati ktawa gue diajarin ama pak posman. kocak parah.
pas dia ngelucu, gue ktawa ngakak banget ampe nunduk. dia nya malah"senang banget kau" dengan logat bataknya hahahaha. (Y)

7. Mathematics - test and i can do it...

nah belom abis nih crt gue, pas di jemputan tuh gue juga ktawa2. kan gue mau buka pintu dr dalem yang biasanya tuh ga bisa dibuka, cuma kak vena yang bisa..
Kak Tari : buka may
Maya: Yaaaah, cuma kak vena yang bisa...(dorong dikit) EH BISA!
Kak Tari : yeeeeeeee! gimana sih lo(sambil ktawa2, nepokin kipasnya ke gue)

thank God for this day, i know You care about me, everytime :)

*assssssik besok pr nya cuma dikit hehehe

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