Jumat, 13 November 2009

think i must find a way to refreshing

helo blog!
i want to tell you about my week.
monday-friday, i just had several exams, but i feel so lazy and want to have something fun.
this day, my friends want to come to my house, but it was cancel.
RAIN(bukan yang si ganteng itu) i mean,"hujan"
so, i am writing this blog now.

hem before i tell something not important, i want to tell, to YOU(yang nyadar aja)
"please reply my message"

okaaaaaaaaaaaay, yesterday i did something hem in Indonesia"ga ada kerjaan"
i was try to use a cardigan, orange shirt, jeans, and big bag,
and then, never forget to taked some photos.

ga penting kan? udah gue bilang ahhahaa
udah ya, byeee

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