Kamis, 05 November 2009


heloo :)
it's been a long time for me didn't write blog in english.
so here it is..

this day, like usually, i go to SMAN 21 Jakarta.
i slept while on the way..
the first and second lesson is "MUATAN LOKAL"
bu sugiharti gave us 3 formula haha
and then she gave in our book the sign.
so easy, isn't it? haha

and then i continued "BIMBEL"
bu rohani came in and then told us to study other subject, so i studied chemistry with Daniel Antonius Pasaribu. He was so patient teached me, thanks dan :)

the third lesson after break is"OLAHRAGA"
pak ferry told us to do:dribble, shooting and lay up.
do you know? i'm missing play basketball so much, much and much :'(
i think i must buy a new shoes and then still played every friday with my lovely junior high school friend.
so i can still improve my skill..

the next lesson is"SOSIOLOGI"
my friends said"ibuu, mati lampu, udh ga usah belajar buuuu! ga konsen"
and then my teacher(PPL) agree about that haha
but, i chosed to do my mathematics, i tried to do the task, and then Tarida Angela Siagian helped me! so much thank you girllllll :)

when in break time, i went to "Kristen Protestan"room to practice for tomorrow.
and then i studied physics and economy..

tomorrow i must do 3 remedials, : chemistry,physics and mathematics
i wish i can do my best, pray for me, okay?

*call me please, i miss you :'(

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