Selasa, 06 Oktober 2009

this post because i can not speak to you

heloooo, I go to school this day, like usually. study, laugh, tired, fell sleepy, and always see my handphone anytime i can. I study religion, history, art, civics, and mathematics. I got my result for civics, i got 72, besides the standart is 75, so I must do REMEDIAL next week. I soooooooo lazy to do it -_________- then i thinked again, I must remedial geography too next week, and study hard for mandarin because i stupid in mandarin. do you know, my result for mandarin : 65 and 50 -_______- BUT, I always remember, i can fix it again and i must never give up. i will always pray and still study hard, and God will show us the best way, i believe it. still pray for me, okay?

I arrived at home at 16 o'clock, and immediately had a bath.
then i ate some snack, heeeeeeem yum yum yummmy :)
here is the picture :

yesterday i got problem and make me a litlle crazy, can not laugh like usually, and can not study seriously. but now, it is out from my head. yesterday is history, right?hahaha
i can laugh like usually again :D :D :D

okay, i must study and do my MANY TASKS now.
so, byeeeeeeeee :)

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