Sabtu, 10 Oktober 2009

thank God it's saturday :)

helo :)
this day, i did psikotest to choose science or social.(i mean IPA or IPS)
honestly, until now i still can not choose it by my self -,-
i still didn't know what i want to do in my future life.
hemm, i think i want to be a accountant or something that related with money. I LOVE IT! haha
so, i know, i must choose social to do it.
if i choose science, someone told to me, it calls,"IPA ngambang"
BUT, i also want science too, because i think i can find my dream future..
(i mean: belom tau bener2 mau jd apa, jd kalo ke IPA, bs sambil nyari)

now, i still study hard for every subjects, and always pray to God.
i know God always give the best for His child :)
i always feel calm and relax after pray and tell my pray to God.
because, i saw in acit's blog

If God answers your prayers by "yes", He is increasing your faith.
If God delays your prayers, He is increasing your patience.
If God answers your prayers by "no", He has plan B for you, which is better from your prayers:-----D

then, i will have a very busy and crazy week two days again.
i must do my remedial, do my many tasks, exam, and so on...
i hope i can do it, DO AND PRAY, i believe it :D

two weeks again, i will go ret2..
yipieeeeeeeeeee :D
pray for the preparitons and all student that take part on ret2 :)

God bles youuuuu :D

*i hope i can see you next week :')

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