Sabtu, 17 Oktober 2009


my father said i must sleep, so i can't watch full house -________-
but before i sleep, i want to say," i am missing to play basketball"
this is my lovely team on junior high school, muaaaaaaaaaah
i miss you all :')

this is when PORSENI.
when in break time, i played with my lovely silly friend, Wulandari Esther Anggreini Nangka
the beauty one that always had fans everwhere she goes nyahahahha
and this is my friend too, Sara Patricia Silaban

mr jaja, told me the strategy, altough i did'nt hear it clearly.
i just ngos2an(tired)i miss this time badly:'(
my team, i'm the curly and used PANGGABEAN (14)

i didn't play basketball again now, because:
1. In 21 shs, the pactrice is after school, so my parents didn't agree if i come back from school lately
2. My backbone will be painful or pegel2, if i am too tired
3. I must sudy seriously in 21

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