Sabtu, 17 Oktober 2009

full house

do you know full house?
one of korean fim, and of course one of my favorite film.
i started to watch this film on 2008.
my sister thinked i already can watched this film.
the film is reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllly cooooooooooooool.
1. funny
3.make me laughing and crying too

i was opening youtube, and immediately remembered FULL HOUSE.
this film is about a superstar(rain <3), and then heeeeeeeem rrrrrrrr it's so difficult for me to explain that story. just watch, okay? :)
i think i love you is my favorite song of full house.
you can listen it.
altough i just can hear,"i think i love you nong ga ba yo cause i miss you"
yeah, i can't hear clearly, i just compose that song.

and now, i start to watch FULL HOUSE AGAIN haha
altough i had watch it and my sister has the DVD, i want to watch from youtube.
because if i watch from DVD, i can not stop to watch.
in youtube, i limit my time to watch it.

that's all, byeeeeeeeeee

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