Sabtu, 26 September 2009


heloooooooooooo, on this post i wanna tell you about my cat, LELE :)
why LELE? because my mother said," buntutnya kayak ikan lele, udh deh panggil lele aja"
i got it on December 2008, near my house, lele was thin and small.
but now? yeah, fat and lazzy haha-.-
everyone in my house like lele soooooooooo much :D
altough my sister not yet(?) he said,"ngapain sih kucing diajak ngomong? orang rumah lebih sering manggil dia ya tiap hr drpada sesama manusia"
we were talking with lele besides lele just answered,"meoong, meoong"
so stupiiiiiiiiiid yea? hahahaha
lele is really amusing, from little until now:p

look this picture :(sorry if the pictures are bad, i am using web camera)

my brother and lele look like father and son.
i often said,"lele...sana ke papa aja"
if my brother is lele's father? so, me? lele's aunt? hahahha

okay, it's enough for today...
4 days again i will back to school, so i must do my homework now!
(maybe after sleep)

byeeeeeeeee :)

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