Selasa, 29 September 2009


heyooooooooooo :)

last night, i opened facebook from my "handsome"(uhuk uhuk) brother's handphone.
then, i saw my notifications--------> 81 new notifications!!
what happen?
it is so ridiculous for me, everyone get mad because they were tag on the sims photo.
almost of them said,"taik, penuhin notif gue aja", or "apaan sih nih, nyampah"
i really laughed until now because i think if you want to stop that, you can move your tag from that photo, and not continue to give comments on that photo.
easy, right? :p

i can not share the link, because fani had erase that photo. she said"bukan gue yang masukin, beneran deh may"LOL
relax, girl :)
but last night i was have a chance to write it on my status, here it is :

2 days again i must go to school -___-
so, i must do my tasks again.
i really want to make my family proud of me, so i hope all of you want to pray for me :)
God bless you all :D

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